Color Separation in Adobe illustrator

Color separation tutorial in Adobe illustrator cs4 by grwabbott..
A Greg Abbott design. One of the most Popular designer now a days in
Check this out!! Enjoy!

T-Shirt Store in Cebu (Philippines)

Where did some t-shirt printer buy Plain t-shirt for there printing business??
hmmm..For all Cebuano's you can find Cheap Plain t-shirt at CARBON, cebu city..
Store List (The List i Knew):
They sell for the Brands:
Grandsler, Crazy Edie, Crown, Judge etc.
and a lot cheap shirts.
At the Opposite Side of USJR.

-Gallary Boutique-
They Sell for the Brands:
Grandsler, Size, etc. (3pcs - Minimum Purchase)
They also sell an Inks(by Kilo) basically an Opaque inks.
Opposite side of Cebu Bazaar.

YOu can also find a plain t-shirts at the malls but unfortunately there prices are soo sick..huhuh..

Now, for all the people looking for Cottonseed brand of shirts,
it is available at GAISANO CAPITAL (Formly gaisano South).
or you can contact me for cheap Price..hehe :)

I Will Keep this post updated whenever Ive see another Plain t-shirt store that are cheap..

Materials in T-shirt Printing (Photographic Printing Method)

The Basic Materials in printing a shirt are:

1. T-shirt

2. Silk Screen




Photo Emulsion Mixing

In my way of mixing an Photo Emulsion for T-shirt printing is that i put 2-3 table spoon of Sensitizer in a 300ml of a glue.
I used Appolo glue, but any kind of glue will do.
And put a little amount of a Pigment. Pigment is the one that colors your Emulsion..:)